Horrible matchmaking system experience for 3 years almost



Hello faceit, for the past 3 years i’ve struggled to get to lvl 10 because of the Solo-2manstack-3manstack matchmaking. I finally got to lvl 10 some weeks ago but lost it agian. I 5 man qued all the way too it.

however. As soon as I decide to either play solo, 2 man stack or 3 man stack in premium. We que up as lvl 10-9-10 usually only and we get matched with literally braindead silvers lvl 6’s on our team. From this perspective on we already know we lose, we legit shoot over 22 because we can’t do anymore, so we do an average game of any player. howeever our teammates cannot hold any site, they always complain about luck, about run and gun and never refrag or stuff like that. On t side our mate then gets 1 kill in whole wopping like 11-12 rounds.

Please faceit, I fUCKINg beg you excuse my languange. For the love of god make it so silvers in mm cannot be qued with us decent at the game. And by silvers I mean everyone from lvl 1-7. So please make it only between lvl 8-10 that can be qued with us if we’re actually lvl 9-10 only ourselves. This puts us in a immense unfair game.

This has happen for the past 3 years and after I realized it and 5 man stacked I got to lvl 10. But I cannot always 5 man stack and I wanna climb, but that cannot happen with all these low lvl randoms when i’m up in lvl 9-10’s my self.

Just why.