Historical Data for players



So I only got to take a brief look at the Data API, but it looked like I was only able to get the statistics for a specific match? Is it possible to get statistics for a player for up to the last 100 matches? Or just more data in general so it’s not just per match statistics, but an average for specific data. Also, does faceit have the data for grenades thrown, utility damage and enemies flashed (from the more data tab ingame), or is it valve exclusive at this point?


Hi whoscalio,
you can get stats for a single match and for a single player as well, using
Assuming that you’re intrested in CS:GO stats, you should use csgo as game_id.

About other kind of stats: at the moment we have don’t provide that kind of stats for CSGO… I will take this as feedback for the next version of the API, if it will be doable.



I figure it wont be too difficult to get provide the stats for the last 100 matches or so, seeing as theyre available on the actual profiles to click on individually? This would be great for analysis over several games

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