Hilarious community



I just decided to subscribe to FACEIT to play on this services rather than MM.

My second game was with suspicious new accounts (1 of my “mates” was playing godlike),
noone was giving any info, they prefer baiting like hell. I was underperforming for sure, I have
no problem with that.

Suddenly they decided to kick me close to the end of the match. So now I have a 30 minutes queue ban
for apparently no reason and paid for that “service”. I was never kicked out of any madmaking of Volvo so far :'D

Unfortunately I paid for a longer period but be sure that I won’t support your company any longer. I’ve never seen such a bullshit in a community …

#mimimi thread? Yeah, for sure … blame it on me, I’m fine with that until kids grow up.


This is a problem because Faceit struggles with Admins who can review false kicks etc.
It was not like this before Faceit become like that.
If Faceit had cooldowns for false kick etc. the whole comm players would act differently.