High rank disparity should not be allowed



For 3 nights in a row I have been having games where we are queued up with or play against a duo that consists of a level 10 and a level 3 (for example). There have been games where the level 3 was a smurf and where he was actually level 3. My own rank and that of the people i queue with is 6-8.

Sure the average rank system comes into play and we play against level 6-7 opponents but the level 3 will either get nothing done or destroy them in case he’s a smurf. Having such a player in our team or against us is far from desirable. It takes away from team chemistry or could pose an unfair advantage.

In either case, I would like to suggest to disallow such rank disparity. Perhaps only allow it for premade teams but when the disparity is too high, do not take his rank into account when calculating an average rank to match up with.


This keeps happening…
Does nobody care about this?

People are queuing with a low lvl to play against lower tiered opponents…