Played the game. Won with a very large score, something about 11-2. We found the opposite game for “Cheaters”, who didn’t know how to play and didn’t count the victory. Can you do something about this?
Играли игру. ВЫигрывали с очень большим счетом, около 11-2. Анти-чит нашел якобы читера в противоположной команде, который даже играть не умел. В итоге игру не засчитали. Можно это исправить? Зря старались что ли?


How you know they cheated?

  • Use the ‘Thumbs down’ and report for cheat if you think they were cheating.
    For now thats the best thing you can do.

  • If you think they were smurfing just again use the ‘Thumbs down’ and report under Toxic and write ‘Smurfing’. Faceit will then look into it.


Какие пальцы? Мы выигрывали, античит забанил игрока другой команды. Игры теперь нет в статистике


Go to the lobby you were playing. There should be a ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Thumbs Down’.
That is where you can report a player for cheating of smurfing witch both are against the rules of faceit.