Help the young talent



Hello my name is Amirkhan “Amik” Badirov I am 13 years old here is my profile steam ,
I would like to ask that you have LVL 10 faceit because I want to get a lot of experience from playing with LVL 10 at the moment, I have 4 LVL I’m trying to apnut 10 but not fails due to a misunderstanding teammates me belittle you give me LVL 10 , I’m not a noob with 0 kill I have apnuli global and played a few times with a LVL 10 in the lobby and there I was on 1 - 2 areas . And I can throw you my contact and birth certificate if there was a doubt that I’m not 13 years old . and still you can traced for me as I will play against 10 lvlov ! I am fully adequate and have an understanding of the game .