Help me with this problem.!


Hello Faceit developers !!! Help me with this problem. When I connect my Steam account, I get the following error:
It seems you are connecting to a game that you have already registered. Contact us if you have any problems! I ask you to correct this error so that I can play on your platform. Regards to Faceit !!!


The steam account you’re trying to link to your FACEIT account is already linked to another FACEIT account.


Can you please untie this Steam account from your old Faceit account? I do not have access to the old account FACEIT.


Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, the game account cannot be removed or moved to a new account.


can you see which account is linked to my steam account? and what’s the mail there.


Faceit wount provide these details.


What proofs do you need?


if it was not my account, i could not connect your steam account to my old faceit account. I have the same moblous authentification steam