Help Me Now? Chang my Game ID


I want to help you change the game that connects Faceit from another ID to another. The CSGO game is urgent because it will be used to practice
Chang my Game Steam CSGO


Hi @MagaTroller - Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, it cannot be removed.


There is no way to remove it, I just have to play the new one

I will take the lead to race. Link with unrecognized ID

Is there a way to know how good the connection is.

I have not played for a long time.
Lost the information.


If you’re saying that the account currently linked to the steam account above is in fact yours, you run into two problems. First and foremost, it is against our terms of service to have more than one FACEIT account. You will need to contact our Support Team and request that they close one of the two accounts, or run the risk of both them being banned.

Second, to retreive the account information for the other account, you will also need to contact our support team and supply information more than just the Steam account (email address connected, name attached, etc. etc.).

You can do both of these here:


I remember information about the idle that was not connected at all. Will there be a way to help?


I don’t really understand what you’re asking?


I contacted him for several days but he did not respond.


I just want to unlink the original ID.


Or change the link from the ID to another.