Help for connect game


When I try to connect the game to face it gives me a profile. The profile you are connecting to is not found. Make sure that you are using the correct login! What should I do


Could you post a screenshot of the error you’re receiving?



Could you go to and log in with your Steam account. This will sync your Dota 2 account and should then allow you to connect it on FACEIT :slight_smile:


Now here’s the problem, can you help?


What does this error say? Sorry, I don’t read russian.


It seems that you are connecting to the game that you have already registered. Contact us if you have any problems!


This means that this Steam account is already assosiated with another FACEIT account for Dota2 and you won’t be able to attach it to your account. If this is your Steam account, and you wish to recover your old FACEIT account, you can contact our support here: