Help faceit


Hi, I’m new to faceit and the first ones have been errors with the page once and again and another. Leaving aside that is pretty bad check the web.

The problem in question is that I register and it does not let me link my Cs go account always gives error. I try from the application and the same. And written to support and it seems more than obvious that there is nobody to deal with that section and you never receive an answer. faceit is dead? Is it supervised by someone today? Because it does not look like it. Also the support screen is very poorly designed and placed in any way and gives an error to the minimum. And you have to make several attempts to send a ticket that is never answered.

Do you know how the link is solved the cs go account?


Hey @Shepard,

If you have already submitted a support ticket, you need to wait for a reply. There’s probably a lot of tickets in the queue and you just need to be patient. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, please see this thread:


so well sent ticket sending the steam data they say and still nothing. I’ve been waiting for weeks with 3 tikects and nothing. I think that this is more than abandoned the web faceit :frowning: