Help , faceit account not updated with time changes thus not allowing me to check in


HELP. To my understanding my check in time has been changed from today at 11am to today at 9 am according to the email we all got . On my faceit account that hasn’t been updated and still says the earliest I can check in is 11 am this not reflecting the time changes ! What the heck really?! Cmon . Someone tell me what’s going on please before I check my phone out my window and throw my p4 into the lake .


Hi @Barleypopkid - go with what it says on the platform. If there’s still 4 hours until the tournament starts on the platform, your check-in will be in 2 hours.


Thank you for getting back to me I was freaking out , so on my PS4 there will be a way to check in ? I’m turning it on now , let everyone know in a few


You’ll have to check in via the FACEIT platform.


Okay , and then will I get an invite to my first game from the NHL game itself ? It currently says I have 1h 40 mins till check in so that would mean my game is at 1 , right ? Which means that the times haven’t been changed as described in the email , or am I crazy here??

#6 This link answers all the questions for you