Help dell acc


hi, I’m using a translator. December 25 made a thread on deleting your account, but the mail is not present from those in support of, and on account now can’t log in, even after password change… when you click on the link says that the account is not found. Is it possible that it has already been removed? and as this can be test


No idea because I dont know if this account has changed nickname or you contacted live support and they deleted it!


the strange thing is that there is no letter in the mail from the support and even after changing the password can not log into your account…so that all data entered correctly… I don’t know what to do. support not responding.


You change password and you cant login? Your miss something


Yes, I changed the password, but it still does not work. There can be no error in the login. Do you have a connection to the support?


you can write a support ticket