hello, I’m Sarkis, I’m from Russia and I connected the game with the account’s Steam to another faseit account, please disconnect my Steam game from another account, on that account I forgot the mail


Hi @Skrum2Key - As per our terms and conditions, you can only have one FACEIT account, even if you forget the login details for it.

On top of this, once a game account is connected, it cannot be disconnected. I highly suggest you submit a support ticket and request that one of your accounts is deactivated so you don’t run the run of getting them both banned: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


я не помню даже почту от этого аккаунта,если вы мне скинете почту,я попробую восстановить ее


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I’m closing this thread off - you will need to contact support for anything further :slight_smile: