Hello it is possible to play on the main account?


Hello it is possible to play on the main account ?


@Drinking1Man You should be able to play with the account which is linked to your FACEIT account.


У меня аккаунт с которого я играю не основной , но на нем более 100 игр , смогу ли я в случае победы получить награду ?


Could you please edit your post and rewrite it into English?

Please take a look at https://forums.faceit.com/faq:

Uniform Language
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If it’s not in English by tomorrow, I’ll need to close this thread.


If there is a WAC ban on the account , you cannot register ?


Please take a look at I have a VAC Ban - what can I do?


ban on cs go


If you have a ban in CSGO / Dota2 / TF2, you cannot play at all on FACEIT on any Valve games.


can I create a new account and play there?


You can use FACEIT platform with a Steam account which is not VAC banned.

Please keep in mind that:

  • you can have only ONE FACEIT account. If you have already had a FACEIT account and you created a new FACEIT account with a new game account, without asking for the old one to be deactivated you will receive a permanent ban.
  • if you have made a new FACEIT account to avoid a ban on your main FACEIT account then the new account will be banned permanently and the main account’s ban will start over. Repeated infractions can result in an extension of the ban length.