Hello FACEIT and its community



Greetings guys,
Im writing to express my disappointment about csgo community/ or so-called picking up teams on FACEiT platform.

Short Intro;

My name is Jakub and I’m 19 yo.
Currently Im going to study at university.
I’m in a toxic reliationship with a CS:GO, I’m TRYINg to climb up to PPL (Polish Pro League) into the FPL, the destination I picked to reach.

I’ve been playing FACEiT with that main goal since November 2017, it was so easy to pass into 5th lvl without any problems.
The issue beggins, when you want to go further.
I mean, when you gonna play “pugs” to climb, you actually meet:
Trolls: name speaks for itself, whatever round you win, whatever you’re kind and friendly to them, they will troll the game, because of their being selfish or that bad, they cant actually do any impact.
Deaf wannabes: giving them the info is absolutely time and voice wasting, they know much better where enemies are, but when you didnt say anything, they blame you for that reason, and by that fact they are becoming trolls.
Leavers: when they can’t do anything or just they are afk, they god damn leave (ofc I left one/two matches in entire FACEiT career here), but its that funny, I can get to deal with them during promotion.
Selfish KD Ratios Players: THEY DO CARE about their own results, even if its teambased game, they much more prefer to stay as a last man stanting to get exit frags and nothing more.
Tilted kids: the worst part of community I hate the most are them, kiddos. Every time they get smashed all by alone, going into lions maw, they gave info to the enemies about his/her teammates positions. Whatever
you do, you’re baiting the potientional Tilted Kiddo.

Im writing also to express my frustration about pugs on FACEiT.
You can’t imagine how bad it is, when every time you want to promote to 7lvl/8lvl you get one of above/ or other examples of flawless FACEiT community, and you can’t actually do more about it.
Always, just always I lose the same amount of match I won this day.\

Just barely I met a good team, that can actually be kind/smart or even giving you a joy of playing CS:GO.
Instead of getting the same skill based people, that can actually be your dream of teammates you got lower lvls, higher lvls or 10th lvl against.
Thats disgusting, where this game is heading to with that unhuman beings.

Thank for those, who read that carefully and whole.