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If you’re having any issues connecting your game account, please read these support articles:

If you still require help after reading those, please submit a support ticket: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Can not add CS GO to Faceit account
I can not register CS:GO
I can not connect the game
An unexpected error occurred while connecting to your account. Please try again later
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FaceIt: an error occurred while registering the game. What to do?
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It seems that you are connecting to the game that you have already registered. Contact us if you have any problems!
Csgo registering
Can't connect game with account
Steam Community :: Samm
Со скольки часов можно играть в кс?
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There was an error registering the game
CS: GO registration issue
Help faceit
Профиль, к которому вы подключаетесь, кажется, не удовлетворяет нашим требованиям. Проверьте требования в модальном окне регистрации игры!
Help please!
Не могу подключить игру на faceit.com