Has forgotten soap or where to address for the help


Hello everyone, immediately to the business about 2 years ago I registered on this site, now I want to go to my account, but I forgot my email, I remember only the nickname on the “Manukha” website, and the fact is that I tied my ide game cs go to an off account, I want to bind to a new account, but it’s impossible. To whom to turn for help with such a problem?


Hey @Alfausikk - You’ll need to contact our support team for this: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I turned, but the answer is no longer as 4-5 days.


Is it really such a big load on the site?


The Support Team receives a lot of Support Tickets, especially at the start of each month! If they haven’t gotten back to you by the end of tomorrow, let me know :slight_smile: