Hacker's issue


To FACEIT team,

Hello there, I would like to feedback that it will be a GREAT help if you guys can set your servers to players that ONLY downloaded and activated the FACEIT Anti-Cheat Client to be able to join the Faceit Server’s.
Recently, I feel that more players are using cheats in the game especially players without the Anti-Cheat downloaded, they tend to be Fresh accounts / New Accounts,

I believe the community also would like the Faceit Team to implement these idea of mine and I also do believe some of the players will support my decision.

It will be a great help to us players to enjoy a “Hacker” free servers then matching up with a couple of “Cheaters” that potentially ruins the whole game and become something we can’t enjoy.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope your team can look into this issue we’re having. Have a nice day.