Guys playing with 3 lvl and 1 guy is cheating


FACEIT are u okaY or what? Can u fix this problem???
They playing with 3lvl and boosting their ELO’s
I can’t playing cuz they allways play’s in stack and someone is cheating…
[REMOVED BY MOD] - pro player… he is playing with pistols (glock/usp-s) all time
And no one cant kill him… because he is prefiring everywhere…
I know that u never minded and u cant do smth… but what we need to do? We are freedom players needed to play on ESEA or what??? This problem rly gots more bad things about ur admins work… thx for attention


I’ve edited your post since we don’t allow posting accusations in the forums.

There is only one way to report potential cheaters.

You must use the reporting system built into the match room page at the end of the game.


How to report a potential cheater on our platform at the end of the game.

Beside each player you will find a red thumbs down once the game has concluded and the match room is resulted. When you press the thumbs down you will see the below pop up appear. Choose the “Cheating” option and then you will be prompted to file a written report. The written report should be just keywords like - wallhack, aimkey, aimlock, etc…

Please read this support article: