Guess somebody needs to say something about this shit


and when will u guys ban 60- smite lvl players ? i said to @AeGoNTR dont play with this mm but he is still playing. And he will be cancer with this players :smiley:


this players of server na have smurf.
Hexls is Scronix
beelop is lknee
and have other accounts…
I will not play with this current system basically you can not win.
but if I am going to denounce the players who commit infractions like having smurf or farming points.


it is wrong to play with the new account.
but they can not win otherwise this system because those with high elo(3000+) have no chance


Lol keinze ppl of EU can play in other region? i think not, u are farming pts in NA and that is ilegal (i think) then get ban u too please and stop it.


If eu players leave NA faceit, NA will be empty, if u dont have arguments and dont even read the rules mb u will not debate? “i think not” “(i think)” -lol


We are still waiting for “We’re getting very close to some big changes with SMITE on FACEIT that we’re really excited for you all to try out.”


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And u know all rules of faceit? can u play/farm points in NA if u are of EU?


Still there is no change. I hope u guys are happy to lose ur high lvl players on smite. i’ll play full time ranked on s5. Good luck guys with faceit point hunters. Cya


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you a brief update. Unfortunately, it’s still “we’re working on it”, but we are now very close to having an update for SMITE. We’ve been working for the past few months with Hi-Rez to drastically improve the player experience, and we have a lot of faith that the players will love this.

Just a little bit longer.

P.S: The store has been stocked up with SMITE Gems.


Well 1500 gems and 3500 gems for PC are already gone!
Can you try to update the store monthly?At the ending of a month? @Kaostic


Yeah i didn’t even had a chance to buy something, everyone has tons of points to use because shop is updated so rarely it’s sad that we don’t even know when gems can comeback because there is no timer, no information you must have 100% luck to catch that gems im sure that now we need to wait another extra 3 months for new gems. I don’t want to be rude just sad that i worked so hard for this points and i cannot buy that what i want .-.


I do understand the frustration with this. I think that players who don’t necessarily play SMITE are purchasing the gems and ‘passing them on’, so to speak.

Players can also purchase multiple of the smaller gem packs (so I’m told), so this is a possible route to take.

Alternatively, it is not uncommon for CS:GO players to purchase items for other games if the specific skin they want is currently out-of-stock, and then use that to get the skin they want. While this isn’t ideal, it is a possibility for SMITE players looking to use their hard earned points!


After all high lvl and skill players leaved. if it wasn’t completed why changed system. I dont understand. i hope it will more good for other players. Good luck. Bye Faceit


Can u Check Arena Leagues. Day 2 but there are no one on leagues. U guys just ruinned Faceit Smite. Good job.


Look user man take my place from the lobby and i received ban sorry for spam but i want unbann and ban this Look


Ok so you guys like where smite on faceit got? After the changes that Dragos asked? Every good player left there is a few players that are in general afk tournaments arent the same as before the ladders points arent atractive at all? Becuase of what smite dying ? na its because of those changes that ruined the fun, ruined the tryharding ruined the competitivity just usually afk cup abuser left and some new accounts to farm points on a dead faceit game? Do you like where it got at 3-4 games per day? If u guys want to bring more ammount of players back of faceit you dont really need advertisment or any of those, all you need are some changes that me or some experienced players on the remaining comunitty of smite are still here after all those changes.

  1. Bring back the Swiming in gems ladder , or at least better prize pool to make it competittive again.
  2. Punish the abusers in cups to make that players that really want to play will play
    3)|If u do need advertise on smite it isn`t that hard and im pretty sure hi-rez will like to give you again some feedback on the main page .
    4)There is need of a elo reset since the most elo was farmed ilegally in those cups. Another ideea in this part is too have a monlty reset elo even if not totaly reset just lets say -300 elo or something.
    5 )The prizzing on smite is kinda expired always and not talking of gems, the other things that no one buys there are other things that people will like to buy.
    On the end of topic there are more other ideeas to bring smite back to life on faceit, if one of the devs will check and give me a reply on this i will be glad. @Kaostic


I do agree with that smite is dying badly with ton of afker’s and newcomers that doesn’t know smite but plays it for ‘‘free points’’ as I been told from my own experience playing


Its not about what I did anymore.Its about faceit not making any good changes, they promised some new things that never really came!Knowing that swimming in gems ladders are gone, faceit knows that Smite its dead on their website.Its not their priority and never was!

Look at some of you guys they took swimming in gems ladders, they changed the leagues (divisions and points), and yet you are still here!I didnt saw any major complains here around that, because you dont really have the balls to say Something, at least not that impact full as i did!

Faceit took away swimming in gems which gave us points starting from 5k, and now you get only 3k for being 1st!In masters you get around 40k and in the past that was 80k from what i remember!

I left faceit for weeks, cause there was no point in playing it anymore!They just promised and did nothing, yet they even reduced the points you earn, and still you guys are here!Isnt this dumb from your part?

Its not about what i did!You clearly dont see the big picture.You can point your finger at me how much you want!But you never blamed Faceit?

Have a good day!


hi what is going on with faceit why nothing change after all of this mess everything get really worse?? still with 10 players there are easy 3 man partys just win unfair games so easy. smurf acconts with low stats with good players … why you take away 5k ladder gems faceit? you never explain it to anyone. if you care say something make some sense we need ladder gems like dota2 how hard is thaT? plz if you wont do anything kill the fucking game dont just have it like shitholes you are better then this.@faceit For once in your llife really face your problem.