Guess somebody needs to say something about this shit



I really expected something to be changed on smite today, but its the same dumb matchmaking, same leagues for both arena and conquest, and still 5 man parties…I know about the HUBS, and i really expected to make their appearance today, but no…
My request is that you change the 5 man party system into 2 or 3 man parties until the hubs make their way into smite, this will make the matchmaking a bit better (at least i hope).You know (actually you dont know, cause you dont really give a damn) that in the last 2 months masters league was won by the same 2 players?Like how this is fair?Not to say in the last month they didnt even played in arena ladder (they started playing into it on the last 1-2 weeks).They just farm in “the swimming in conquest ladder” free points, cause the people surrender even in 1 minute.Its this what faceit is about now?
I am the one who sends feedback to FACEIT LULU, and i know i am the one who requested the 5 man party, but back then there were alot of trolls and feeders and was no conquest ladder anymore, cause it was removed…Not to say that some trolls are still in faceit even if we use the thumps up and down.You dont care about our voice, and thats a sad thing.It even took you 1 year to fix the bug abuse from the lobbies, not to say that even now some people dont see the private room in smite to enter the lobby.I strongly believe that you totally dont give a fuck about your 30-40 players who are still playing smite on faceit.You are a bunch of ignorant people who dont listen to us, and promise things that take years to make it into…
Right now smite on faceit its a joke where the same players just farm for fun.There is kind of 0 competition.
I am frustrated that i am in masters league, but cant climb to 1st or 2nd position, cause you combined arena+conq leagues, and i dont really feel like playing conq at 9 PM (Romania time).

Just make a few changes until HUBS appear…remove 5 man party…make it 2 or 3 man party or just solo queues, stop combining arena+conq leagues, and if we report players fucking ban them, cause i am sure there are alot of complains about some lvl 1 trolls and feeders, and you do nothing.

I used some “strong” words, cause you deserve to hear them!!!

Good evening!!!


I totally agree with this, I didn´t play yet nor am I interested to play where people can farm like wild, I could get my friends aswell and win every ladder, I have a life tho, could you fix this shit? It really is annoying and it´s always the same people change it to a 2 man q max because full premades are boring af.


i aggree with this. no one have time for conq and arena like whole day and night it should be splitted .and 5 man partys should be deleted cuz of hard trys keep making party and random players just surrender at 0.01 second at the game. so i aggree about removing 5 man party or just split 5 man partys from trio,duo, and solo que but then i would say build a need league for 5 man party and solo ques cuz no-one like to go at solo que lvl 3 and end up with all lvl 1 players against full level 10 premade i think its just unfair. and make players limit to lvl 30 cuz they are just started playing and rushing on faceit against pro players and ofc they will do bad and ruin your game.

for dragos
i like someone finaly said something about this bullshit matchups


I agree with this. Honestly, the 5 man parties were fun at first sight, but turned out to be pretty unfair in the end, because Faceit doesnt have enought players, to provide a fair matchmaking.
As said above, 2 or 3 man parties would be better, i would prefer 3 man parties, so you can still win a Match, even with a Troll in the Team. :slight_smile:
Edit: And please separate the Leagues again, some people dont play both game modes, which makes it impossible to win it.


I from Russia write in Russian!!!

Я согласен с выше сказанными словами Людей И согласен что нужно сделать как было раньше 2-3 человека МАКСИМУМ в команде. если я раньше играл по своему времени с 18:00 вечера и до 8:00 утра то после того как сделали 5 человек в команде я играю по 2-4 часа на Faceit так как смысла нету играть дольше да и настроения портиться быстро. выиграть просто не реально не то что в лиге а вообще не где!!! посмотреть последние пол года историю там одни и те же люди выигрывают их. нужно вам ограничить количество людей до 2 человек максимум 3х . да и не забываем про завоевания раньше были отдельные лиги на них и так же число игроков ограниченно… ВЕРНИТЕ ВСЕ ОБРАТНО

NEED to RETURN BACK AS it WAS BEFORE 2-3 maximum number of players per team !!!


Hey Guys,

It’s Lulu from FACEIT here. Thanks for bringing up this topic, and sorry it seemed we weren’t listening to you.

We take all the feedback extremely careful, and after checking some data, we have decided to revert arena to three man party and conquest to solo/duo.

Over the past year, we have been working on many fixes for the Game Integration and are now looking at improving the experience on the platform. Hopefully, we will have some updates soon.

In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me. GL & HF!


I dont agree with the party re-size, just because in the past 2 months you couldnt get frist place because your party got rekt,because other are better than you dosent mean that faceit smite need a change, the only change that should be applied should be the spliting of leagues between arena/conq like last year, i was here since begin on the smite on the platfrom and i saw all with my eyes, when the party was frist applied from begin there was a rising players on smite, after they resiez it to 2-3 the players left because they didnt find it fun or competiting and choosed other platfroms as i did my self, because even if u are good is enought for 2 players to ruin the game, is not a shooter is a team game, dragos is frustrated because they didnt manage to win in past 2 months with his teammates aka who replied to this ticket in general you could check past months in summer and spring when they "ruled" faceit by absence of good players, why they dont do it now?


Ruled? we never rulled and i never wanted to rule, i dont care about those things.I want whats best for the smite players who play on faceit.If you have something to say to me just send me a message.Arent you tired to get carried by those turk players? Jajaja


still doesnt change a thing about the fact that there arent enough players to provide a fair matchmaking :slight_smile:


GREAT CHANGE this was very much needed to make the system fair thank you ever so much


It seems wrong, because the vast majority of faceit players are people who go afk or just do not play or are trolls.
With which to build a team with which you can practice playing day by day is much better than a toxic community by people like the one mentioned above.
Having your group is better sometimes you lose sometimes, but I think it is not the right thing to take away the groups of 5 people.
this brought many people, now those people who came for that update will go back and faceit smite will return to the ridiculous 200 users when at this moment they are 600.


Its just a few days, after HUBS will be release you ll see a different faceit.


I like this change cuz the new upcoming players can grow on levels not just to be grounded by premades i mean you cant rly grow if you plays with randoms vs premades

edit: you can just be drowned to lvl 1


I’m playing the game with my friends on voice chat. Why i have to carry people i dont know? The system is so illogical.


The team which beats us gets 14 points while we get 10 points constantly. If players that we beat had points then they would lose 2-3 point maximum. The game has an own established justice and if you start this system of 2-3 poeple party then it will be meaningless for us -high level players- to play the game


So a full party of level 10 players (who EVEN use voice chat) vs a team with random players who are lvl 1, 5, 6, 3, 8 its fair?They will just surrender at 1 min.Thats called free farming and its toxic for the community.


after a 20- 30 min que yes it is fair:slight_smile:


From now you wont have 20-30 min queue.


that justification is dumb…, exactly with more fair play there will be more people willing to play


this is not a problem for you, you are constantly entering as a team

there was no problem before,there is a problem right now because you are lossing