Griefing Teammates



There are so many people complaining about the huge griefingproblem FaceIT has, but FaceIT seems to ignore it. I just played a game and got a Teammate who ran out mid every round with his knife out and he probably wont even get banned for it. There are so many ways to solve this problem, but sadly FaceIT doesnt seem to care whether their site is playable or not.

Right now you get at least:
1-2players with 3matches that play absolutely horrible
1-3russians that are just talking russian and dont give a shit about teamwork
every single game.

And FaceIT isnt the only site that offers 5v5matches, there are alot of alternatives, for example pvpro,esportal,ESEA,challengermode,etc.
One day the Griefing problem will become so big, that noone wants to play on FaceIT anymore and that the site will eventually go down.