Griefing on Faceit is to easy


i was recently encountering a player in my team that was constantly killing him self and our 2 bots at the begining of each round. wich was a resault of our loss. we had about 5-6 OT’s and when the other team won because of his imaturity i wasnt able to report him through the client why’s that? was that because we had bots or what? i dont know if iam allowed to post his name here but iam doing it anyway. EliteThomygu. behavior like that should be punished in my oppinion. he lowered the fun experience by alot and for the other team aswell


Yeah man…i know…3/5 matches u will find a idiot …toxic and troller player…idk why faceit dont make option like..!admin ..and when u type an admin need to come to sv and check the retards...but no..they make just !gg ..if they do something like that..we will see an upgrade but they are retards too :smiley: ...we cant fuking lvl up with these retards…FUCK FACEIT !!!