Got banned on esea for 6 months for


I just got banned for 6 months on ESEA for calling someone out that was literally making fun of people with aspergers and autism. I can’t even fathom this, but it happened. I’m not looking for feedback or anything, just wanted people to be aware of the blatant admin abuse that ESEA has. I simply asked Few to do something about this troll (shrek) who was going around calling people “spergie” (slang for aspergers). I called him out on it on a thread and told him to say that to me in person. Later on I ask Few (ESEA admin) to ban him for making fun of people with aspergers/autism. Which he does on a regular basis to people who make fun of 9/11. Then he bans me for 6 months because I asked him to ban the dude who was legit making the forums a toxic cesspool.

I emailed ESEA so hopefully they actually look at the thread and see that indeed I was trying to do the right thing and no way did I threaten anyone. I just can’t believe nor do I even know what goes on in the head of someone who bans the person trying to do the right thing when multiple people who make fun of people with aspergers and autism are just able to roam free and continue doing this. How is this even allowed? Why does ESEA give Few power to just treat people like shit that pay for ESEA? I mean, surely he could have locked the thread or diffused the situation otherwise. I wasn’t always good on the forums, since the time I started ESEA it’s just been so toxic that people become toxic because that’s what the forums are. But past 2-3 months I would say I’ve legit been pretty good and trying to make the place better. Giving people advice in threads asking instead of being a troll like 99% of the other people do. People ask for help I try to give, I even offered to help anyone who was interested in learning how to code free lessons. Just trying to make the forums less toxic and this is what I get.

TLDR version: Few once again abuses his admin on someone who literally didn’t deserve it and was doing the right thing, while letting the people who legit ruin everyone’s experience on ESEA roam free with 0 consequence. 6 months ban for calling out someone making fun of people with aspergers and autism.


That sucks. Sadly a huge lack of integrity is a big problem someplaces on the interwebs, there’s many people who will confirm this with their own stories of whom I am one.

But you should know that six months, while it is a long time, will pass. Look at the bright side: more time to play faceit!

Take care


I’ve been falsely banned for the past 6 months by Few. This isn’t surprising at all. This is why i switched to Faceit.


few is a bitch he banned me for a year for telling him whats wrong with esea, and i didnt remove my sub even when i told him like 1000 times so 3 times he renewed insider for 3 month.