Got banned for not joining when i was there the whole time lol


Faceit sucksssss sometimes, joined a game before half of the server and the game didn’t go forward. I was confused but jus assumed someone else didn’t join in time or something. I went to go que for another game and was told I was banned, looked at the previous lobby and it told me I was AFK. Faceit, suck my ass :smiley:


My Ban is not justified what can I do?

If you think that your ban is not warranted or is to long then you can dispute your ban by creating a support ticket and our 24hr Customer Support Team will investigate your claim and either reduce or remove the ban for you.

In your ticket include the match room URL and the reason why your account cooldown is considered unjust. Provide any proof that you have in order to be able to prove this claim.

Please Note: Any cooldowns under 12hrs will not be removed and you must wait for the temporary ban to expire on your account before being able to queue into our system again.

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