Gold League


Hey. I do not see in my profile the number of gold League points and my place. Shows how many points only after the game played.

Dont get my points in league?

You can see your points here:

You can find the latest League by, from your Stats page, click “See League” on the right.



I don’t know how to see myself. before it was all


I’m not entirely understanding what you’re asking, sorry. Could you explain it a bit more?


don’t see my number of points (100+) place and (6). What can I do to see everything?


When did you last see your number of points in the 100+ range?


after each game writes



I’m going to look into this for you - bear with me :slight_smile:


if me memory does not change, then after the last game I had 128 points. I just want to see the leaderboard, but something’s wrong.


I spoke with the team and figured out what’s going on.

What is being displayed on your profile is the free 5v5 League queue. In that League, you’re placed 56th with 0 points.

However, there is also the premium 5v5 League queue. This is what is showing you as 6th place, as you currently have 128 points in this League ladder.

You can find this by switching the 5v5 dropdown to 5v5 Premium.


Hope this helps!