Global in mm cant up even 5 rank in faceit?


Im actualy global in mm and i have no chance to up solo even 5 rank in this trash platform. Any match on 3-4 ranks it’s 100hours accs against me. Why u cant block smurf accs!? Anyway 2 times after reports i had message from faciet like 2 guys banned for 2 years cuz of cheats, however WHERE IS MY ELO BACK!??? They just banned them and guys who played with them in party just had ez elo, nice policy guys. Cheaters just gonna boost and will get money for buy new acc, then repeat. Nice platfrom rly smart.


Hey @ezerlast,

There is only one way to report potential cheaters.

You must use the reporting system built into the match room page at the end of the game.

Do I get some sort of compensation for my reports to the system?

Yes if you reported this player for cheating and they are then suspended we will also return your lost ELO from the match where you encountered and reported this player for cheating on our platform.

If you think someone has more than one FACEIT account, please send a support ticket about it.

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