Give smite a second chance

hello to everyone ever see this. i just want to say do u have any any any idea how we can get just a bit more ladders? i know there is not much to be done . but i have no more idea plz there must be something to be done so we can get some attention some how. its a waste…

Do you know what a contract is?
A contract is an agreement between two sides who choose to cooperate for a certain period.
The contract between Smite and Faceit is over, or at least there is no interest to invest in this partnership anymore. If you want gems, then buy them and stop crying on this forum.

oh please i lost more games then i win i dont care about gems i find some zone to fight yea it was kinda unfair but i was hoping to grow… i cry in game and everywhere alots. but thats just why i play moba its about try hard to get what you want. if you care to diss me care to read this too.