Give my premium!


I bought a premium for bitcoins, the transaction went through, but I did not receive a premium, the support service is silent for a day, everyone can help, solve the problem !!!



What is your ticket ID?

Furthermore, have you contacted Xsolla here?


Thank God, I was heard, I wrote you two letters to the post office, there all the screenshots are there.
Neo (BitPay Support Team)

Mar 3, 6:14 AM EST


You’ve contacted BitPay, the company responsible for processing your payment to the merchant. As a payment processor, BitPay has no involvement in your order.

Invoice 5bXRd5rH4wT5CsrgdBmp3u (Order # 423685025) is fully paid. BitPay credited the funds to the merchant (Xsolla (USA) Inc.) on 2019-03-01 at 20:22:08 UTC.

Merchants must initiate any full or partial refunds for fully paid invoices. Please reach out to the merchant directly with the provided invoice details if you need help with your order or a refund.



We are asking about Xsolla, not BitPay. Did you contact Xsolla?


Return my money, or give a premium, these are your problems and not mine!


I have not received a bonus or special conditions with the purchase.
If the payment was successful, but you did not receive the promised bonus or special conditions, make sure that:
The purchase was made within the term of the bonus.
The purchase met all the criteria for receiving a bonus.
If these conditions were met, but you did not receive a bonus or special conditions, contact the support service of the game or service developer. Contact information can usually be found on the developer’s official website in the “Help” or “Support” section. Describe the problem in detail and attach a receipt for payment or another document received from Xsolla.