Getting buiilied by faceit

im typing this because of admin miller and darwins who are so stupid to argue with me and not acc fixing my problem when i clearly send him a massage proving proof and asking for update and guess what when i asked for update my ban was never removed and guy darwin marked my case as solved and didint respond anything after that so i make a nother support complaning about this guy and the other admin brings up how i was toxic and my behavour isnt acceptlbe MFs get your shit straight u banned me for talking back to a shit talker and u left the shit talker who was shit at the original and banned me for reporting it? for talking back to s hit talker? and u dont ver ban him? this just shows how this guy is one sided and hands over bans like its nothing so this guy brings up my past saying we will not serve you no more because of this . now i dont know what i should do because i feel im getting builled by those 2 admins lit bullied