Getting BSOD when overclocking


Hey guys,

I tried OC’ing my i7 7700K to 5GHz @ 1.364 vcore, and I got bluescreen from faceit.sys

I’m at 4.8 GHz atm but I want to push it further.

Could you guys help me fix this issue between faceit.sys and overclocking?



Hey @PJAYYYYY, here’s what our AC team have told us about when other users have had this issue:

Are you using a cracked/modified version of Windows? FACEIT.sys is automatically unloaded in safe mode to prevent these kind of issues, but this error appears before the file is even loaded.
Have you tried to go in Windows repair? Automatic repair might solve it, otherwise you can go in a command prompt inside the Automatic repair, and type the following:

cd C:/Windows/System32/drivers
del FACEIT.sys
Then just reboot and Windows should load just fine.

Could you also please open a ticket with our support team and let me know the ticket number?


Hey, I just went back to 4.8GHz and everything is fine now, but I’d like to be able to push it to 5GHz.

I’m using Windows 10 with a license (no crack/mods). opened up a support ticket as well :slight_smile: