Getting banned for leaving a Game

So as u read i got banned for leaving?! it dosent make anysense we played on Dust 2 and we won 16:14 and imedettly after my teamm8 killed the last guys i disconnected the server because WE WON than i wanted to start a new game and its says than i left the game or other thing i Join a game and the game didnt started so i disconneted 5 sec before the server kicks u and its says i was AFK

I dont get it since when is it so early when i played it wasnt so i could leave a few secs before the sever kicks u now i have to wait 30 min till i can play another game

You must stay until the end. Even if you have 1 second left, you will be banned. That’s how the Faceit system works!

thats kinda stupid since when is it so? even if we won and im leaving 1 sec im getting banned thats disgausting tbh

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you dont get banned for leaving 1 second before you end the game. You get banned when you have been away for several minute (3 minutes iirc)