Getting banned for 2 hours (AFK) because cs failed to load your server


This is the 2nd time this has happened to me in last month or so and its pretty stupid. Everything is working fine, then the game loading screen is stuck on “contacting server…” or something along the lines for 3-4 minutes and by the time i get in, the 5 minute warmup is over and i’m automatically banned. Dont know why i’m even bothering to pay you premium membership.


exactly the same things it’s very busy


same ahppende to me just now.


the same staff


same thing here !! what will happen now?


same for me


i got into the server, all skins were gone, got disconnected and then banned for afk cause i couldnt join…


same for me


Same lol


Almost everybody got afk ban because of cs:go servers. It just didn’t start


Same for me the server was down


Same ban for me, how long do I have to wait for this “premium” support?


I got banned 8 hours , because cs:go went down can someone unban me


Almost everybody got afk ban because of cs:go servers… same ban for afk


Happened to me too second time within 3 days, i just cancelled my subscription. Support never answers in time and you never get unbanned. Crappy trash customer service, they just don’t care because they are big enough to give a damn about small players…


Im too banned, need unban!!!


ME too pls unban


same 12 hours pls unban


same happened… need unban


same thing! Banned for 10 hours. When will the problem be fixed? Will I be unban?