Get number of matches played in a certain hub


Hi, would it be possible to add a data entry to the items list for /players/{player_id}/hubs (or some other appropriate location) that tells me how many matches a user has played in a certain hub? Collecting all match history and looping through it to check the hub ID and then count up using /players/{player_id}/history seems painful.


Hi mastercoms,
what you are asking is not directly available through the /players/{player_id}/* endpoints for now.
Anyway you can find the number of matches played by each user in the Hub’s stats, so hubs/{hub_is}/stats is the endpoint that you should use for your needs.
Obviously you have loop through the list of players, but this should’t be painful :slight_smile:

Hope this help


I am doing that for one of the larger hubs, and in the worst case (when the player is last in the list) I have to fetch 4 MB of data (and make about 30 requests due to the 100-per-request limit). So it is kind of painful. Are there any plans on adding a direct API?