Gems of smite(pc-shop)


It takes 4 months without putting gems in the store,I understand that they do not buy much but we but many people buy gems for PC so can u guys could update at least the gems of the PC or give them priority?


Hey @Animesthepro - we’ve currently got an outstanding order with Hi-Rez that we’re expecting will be fulfilled any day now! Apologies for the delay.


Was expecting them any day since it was beginning of a new month, this is great news that the admin said!


@Kaostic “outstanding” order… 3500 gem codes, 1500 gem codes and even 800 gem codes are sold out after 1 day…


Hey @SiscWtf - Outstanding in the sense of “not currently fulfilled” yet. Apologies that you didn’t manage to snag any gems this time around, but it’s good to know that there’s a demand within the SMITE Community on FACEIT! Hopefully, if we start to see the numbers of the platform grow, the order can be increased, although that’s not my call to make.