Garbage Servers and equally garbage support

I was playing a csgo match when my var was spiking to 9 or at maximum 35 during the game every second or so. When my team captain talked to live support (which is dumb since I have to go through my captain who didn’t want to help to get support) the live support admin joined the game and asked if anyone else was having lag problems. Only I and one other person said anything to the admin and the admin left and did nothing stating that just cause one person is having var issues does not mean he will move the game to another server or try to help in any other way. I was subsequently furious and was unable to contact support since I cannot talk to live support. Then during the unplayable game, I got an update on another support ticket about not having my wins show up in ELO or stats page. The admins in the update had said they will not work on it at the moment but will work on it later seemingly since my rank to them does not matter and my ELO and faceit experience does not matter either. I have shadowplay clips of the VAR issues even though the staff still purists that it did not exist. The live support costed me a win and the support again is costing me ranks.