Game on hold


Started Thu, 26 Jul 2018, 14:12 NZST

5:37 PM
they said we cant do anything
5:37 PM
and have to get a specific admin for the 5v5 hub in oce

What kind of shit system is this??

4 hours locked in a match room unable to play anything faceit is a joke


waited from 2:12pm till 8:30pm for them to cancel the match good job faceit, you do your job well…


Next time (granted it may take a little longer depending on where you’re located) try emailing the FACEIT support staff, they tend to get back to you ASAP and they do their job well, right now the forums are in a BETA so the people you’re speaking with don’t necessarily tend to be anyone who can help you. More so peers and puggers who are going through the same thing with no access to any systems that would be able to change this.