Game doesn't start


Hello everybody! How can i fix problem: game does not start with faceit ac. I just tryed use faceit suppоrt decision, but it not fix my problem. Please help


Describe your issue.

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I launch faceit ac and launch csgo, but csgo crashed a few seconds after start


Without any error msg I cant help you!


Yea, without any error msg. If you can, help me please!


Nobody can help you without seeing error.


Idk, sometimes steam write error msg like “??? 0х50”


Do you know how to attach a screenshot to your posts? If you could take one of the error message and let us see it, we would be able to do a better job helping you out. All we can do right now is guess, sorry bud :frowning:


game crashed without msg. I say sometimes i look error msg, but i see this msg so rarely


Ok, and you said you’ve tried everything on this page, correct? There’s no harm in doing everything listed there to make sure all of that stuff is squared away, even if it doesn’t seem to apply to your problem.


I tried all what faceit to offer me. It not fix my problem :frowning: