Game Crash


I don’t know what is the problem , if it’s because the faceit program , my game crush like 3 - 4 times on one game. I use windows 10 , and it’s already annoying because all the time you find yourself with a round lost because you are not there to help your teammates ! Can you have a look and see why it does crush so many times ? It’s because the Anti-Cheat or smth ?


We don’t know why you experience game crashes. Please take a look at:


I have windows 10 full updated … I already specify on early post


One of those articles is about known issues related to FACEIT Anti-Cheat client. It starts with a paragraph about Windows 7, but the entire article is NOT limited to Windows 7. The other one is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Performance Issues or Crashes in general.

If none of them is helpful, please try to check if the crashes happen only while you are running FACEIT Anti-Cheat client. If yes, please submit a ticket to FACEIT Customer Support.