Full of russians


I just start playing and then some one of the team says “ruski yes?” then the whole team starts speaking russian and when i say can we switch back to english they just mute me (i have selected the english option when trying to find a server)


Yes. People from all over the world play this game so its not rare to find people that speak with another language.

Play together with friends or internet buddies to avoid those situations and just mute whoever doesn’t speak your language so that you wont have a foreign radio station playing while you game :smiley:


Hi flyOlf , thanks for contacting FACEIT Forum!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is a Russian-speaking community on our platform, many who faced the same problem as you, solved it in a rather simple way, they just remembered how this or that information sounds in Russian, and listened to it, tried less speak, if the majority of Russian speakers - it will be easier for them to use communication in their own language, and this increases your chances of winning.

#Thank you for your questions, with love Florein