Free Faceit Free to hack


Is free faceit more free to hack than valve just now made MM with their prime/nonprime new system? Or why am I having a hacking kid in every game? 2 days, I´ve got 10 wins in a row, 7/10 games I know 100% that my teammate was cheating. Orther games Im sure that enemy guys were cheating. Why its so hardly free to hack? I´ve had better games at matchmaking lol


Players can play with prime/nonprime status in Faceit.


If they can play nonprime, isnt it reason why its like this? Ofc I play mostly premium, but I play free too because of friends that are not paying for this, and u can just make 100 accounts and 100x get banned and nobody cares right? Like, you create new cs go account and you can link him with faceit, so u can hack again and again and again?


Multiple Accounts - Any multiple account will be permanently banned.
Ban Evasion - The ban on the main account will start over and the new account will be permanently banned.


You just wrote an absolute bullshit, U cant know how many accounts he has or hes using. You will never know that, he can use XXX accounts he wants. For second, … This player was today playing against me. I´ve checked the demo, he was so hardly ragehacking that I tough It was a matchmaking game. Check his stats, his matches. He is all time playing faceit, and hes not banned. Why is this so free to hack? If this guy wont get banned, faceit is just another poor something like valve, that are using people and game to earn money and dont give a fuck about their players. Just watch what valve done with matchmaking, its unplayable. Is faceit going to be same?


We dont need to know because system will ban him not Admins.
Give match room link where he was “ragehacking”. If hes not you get banned from Forum ok?


Yes please threat to people when they are right and you failed. Hahaha, nice admins attituide, and what system will ban him not admins? I know people avoiding faceit anticheat for years. There are no admins checking hackers? Here is only faceit anticheat banning people? Literally, if you can even send a video of hacking guy, admin cant do anything?


Give me room link and I will check. I know AC is bad…

#9 … Mostly on mid as CT, my eyes cryed when I´ve seen his prefires. He never shooted if enemy wasnt there, if was he started shooting on the enemy 1 sec before he could even see the enemy guy. Everytime. Not even talking about we played whole game 4v5 cuz my teammate was russian.


avakazade not cheating, clean game!
And player ZeD cried so much. These days every one is crying about cheats even they dont realize what is cheating.
You all got mad because you just played 4v5.

Who failed?!