FPL + FPL C and servers


Hello there, so, for first I want to ask people that are playing cs go longer (esea, faceit, mm). We all know, that servers are best at esea, than MM, and faceit are the worst even when they are 128. Im played esea for a long, but some admins are really hardly retarted and Im done of it, so I switched back on faceit, literally the servers are worse than 64mm. Ive never seen something like this at esea, that many shots went trough not moving people with 5 ping… Is faceit paying more for server room for FPL-C and FPL servers so they are better? Or they just bought the eachest like premium and its shit like premium? Thanks. I cant really imagine pros playing faceit over esea, because on esea I´ve never seen shot going trough head for one year, but here at faceit its casual daily thing. Teleporting people etc. Thanks for your answers and please dont take this as some kind of offense, its just a normal question :slight_smile: Have a nice day


Actually, Ive never seen something worse than faceit servers, its too much, hardly BAD as F***. Im just whole time shooting trough ppl, never happened in esea for 1 year. Now 20-30x per a game LOL, are they serious with this 1.28 tick servers? not 128, 1.28 lol