Forum Feedback


Have any feedback or questions about the forums? This is the place to leave it!


I like the layout and the feel but I wish it was a part of the current website. Like embedded in so I can search for games and stuff while browsing / interacting on the forums.


Thanks for the feedback, @NEXlevel_TV - at the moment, the forums are in open beta and are more a proof of concept than a final product :slight_smile:


Can we add a read all option for the notifications when we select our profile picture in the top right? Clicking them all individually to clear them is a bit annoying haha.


You can do this by clicking through to Profile > Notification:


If the forums were embedded in the main website traffic would probably increase massively as well. More threads would be cool, it is still kind of quiet. :slight_smile:


It’s still early days at the moment :slight_smile: