Forgotten login details


i forgot my old account on faceit, and i create new, now a can’t connect my steam account because it link already another user.


Hey @Falconejkeee.

There is a support article about having more than one FACEIT account, please take a look at it -


The fact is that the data of my account does not come to the mail to which it is attached, I would at least remove the account steam from the old account. or even delete an old account


@Falconejkeee If you need assistance with your login issues OR want to deactivate your account, please submit a support ticket - says:

If you try all your emails and do not receive an email within 24 hours please contact our Customer Support team and we will endeavor to assist you with your login issues. Please include the following information:

  • Your game account information.
  • If you have created a second account, then please send in your - FACEIT email address associated with the new account.
  • Photographic ID that includes both your first and last name so we can compare this with the information we have for you.

We will be cross-referencing on IP, Name and Steam Data, if none of these match up we will not provide you with your email address and your only option will be to create a new FACEiT account with a new Steam ID and email address. says:

Accounts on FACEIT do not get deleted. We simply offer you the option to deactivate your account which will stop it appearing when searched for on the platform. The account still exists, but cannot be found publicly.

Deactivating an account does not allow the removal of a linked game account. Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, the game account cannot be removed or moved to a new account.