Forced to dl Faceit Anti-Cheat right after making account?



Since when does Faceit make you download their anti cheat right off the bat? I thought you had to get reported or something like how OW works for gamebans ingame I was confused because I used to play Faceit before I stopped gaming. Now i just built a new PC and started up again and just made a new account because I’m gamebanned on my main for using scripts/macros in CSGO so when I tried to start a match with the new account its forcing me to download it. I kinda confused like if I’m going to have to download all this shit I’ll just go back to esea and resub. Legit even says “Faceit anti cheat not required” to play…


ESEA has Windows client + AC.
Faceit has Windows AC and seperate Windows client or Web client.
AC brings you fair game. Every one is forced to use AC even in ESEA. Chill.


that’s not even the point… Faceit never forced the AC on people like ESEA I didnt even play 1 game and im already being forced to dowload it, the reason this is an issue is because last time i installed faceit AC i couldnt even play too many errors and bugs preventing me from evening joining. So this is just stupid to be forced right off the start