Follow up on faceit premium que (csgo)



Belle responded to my recent post by linking me the recent changes made to the queing system, which I was already aware. Namely that “Team composition now taken into account avoiding stack vs solos” and “Premium queue now checks parties for skill variances preventing low skilled players to party with high skilled players.” It is my understanding that these requirements are lifted once the search time exceeds 10 minutes. Every time I que faceit premium I am waiting at least 10 minutes for the que to pop. Meaning that the games I find are often lifted from the prior mentioned priorities. For your information I have 2500 elo. I think this shows that there isn’t enough high elo players searching for premium games.

So to summarise the issues I have had with the premium que:

  • long que times (over 10 minutes almost every time)
  • having games versing stacks making it unfair

The best solution would to get more level 10 players to que premium, however, I am aware that this isn’t really feasible. I believe limiting lvl 10s to only solo (maybe duo) ques would make it easier for the faceit system to balance elo more fairly across the teams.

This is my faceit profile:

Recently I have started playing with 2 other lvl 10s and qued premium. Out of the 10 matches we have played together we have lost 1. With the majority of the games being 3 lvl 10s (us) versing another team with a far lower elo, in most cases not even having a lvl 10 the other team. These games were all very easy as the teams were unfair.

I think it is evident that there is an issue as all the winners of the premium master league seasons have played in 3 ques. They are all good players, don’t get me wrong, and if they were to solo que they would also most likely be at the top. But they wouldn’t be at the top with such a convincing lead. This lead and high win percentage is only possible because they are queing with 2 other really good players, effectively rigging the match. I wouldn’t mind them being able to que together if the opposing team could have players of equal elo and calibre but this is not the case. Just to clarify when I say ‘really good’ I am referring to fpl players who que together, such as the players on final feature (esea mdl team). Namely; Picky, Jonah, Base, agm and jojo. I have nothing against them but they are all very good players and when 3 of them are on one team, it is never fairly balanced. This is just an example of the pattern I have noticed.

I realise that this issue only pertains to the low percentage of players who are level 10, however, with large amount of faceit points up for grabs each month I think it is justified to look into this issue and to see how it could be made more fair. If you don’t believe my anecdotal evidence, I would suggest that you look into premium matches that have 3 stacks of lvl 10s, record the outcome of the match, how often it occurs, and the elo difference of the teams.

I hope I have provided useful information so that the premium que can be more fair.