Fix your MM System


Every time when I want to play, I have to play against better opponents. When I’m level 7 I must to play against level 8, 9 or 10. They are all full party and smurfing and boosting, and get free ELO.

1 Example:

Here a full list:

Full of cheaters, boosters, smurfs, trollers, etc. You can fix it, or not, but you don’t want because premium is more important for you. Rich people > poor people, youre so racist.


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Thanks for answer. ESEA and Valve MM > Faceit.



It’s been a while since you replied to this topic, but FaceIT has made some changes to their matchmaking system recently. You may want to take a look at


I don’t see anything wrong with the balance of teams, stop bitching around , I saw a few games your team had advantage of level lol