Fix your bug


During Mid-game, I experienced audio issues in-game and out-of-game, therefore, was forced to disconnect the game and restart my computer.

I manage to play the game all the way til the end, but afterwards realised I was indicated a “Leaver” and was banned.

Could you kindly fix this, I have demo proof of my game.



The fact remains that you Did leave the game. i don’t mean to be a dick about it but its true no matter the reason you had to leave.

I agree that It’s a nuisance to not being able to join the game within the dedicated time but its the way the cookie ccrumbles unfortunately. It has happened to me too a few times because my potato doesnt like to reboot very quickly.

If its your first ban you will be able to play in what i think is 30 minutes so just chill and get some coffee while you wait :slight_smile: