Fix this error bad_module_info didnt working / faceit premium with AC


in ~ 3 of 10 games i get this error and must rejoin


After a brief google, it looks like this is an issue with Windows 10’s latest update. Some users have potential fixes, but none that I can suggest with any sort of certainty. Have a look around yourself and decide which approach you wish to take :slight_smile:


Hey @Zy0x. As this seems to be an issue related to Windows 10 update, I’ve moved your thread from User Feedback to Community.


i have now fixed it! I tryed everything that google Result, going back to Windows 1703, still crashes so updated again to Windows 1709, tryed disable fullscreen optimation and Start as admin + compatibily windows 8, didnt work. So the last try to start cs:go over steam and not over faceit Client, and connect with console, no crashes anymore ._.