Fix the faceit community by adding new parameters

Its obvious that If some one is premium and not premade or at least level 10, cannot win on faceit. On 80% of the games I play I carry the hole team and we still lose. I have never had a good mate where I could co operate with him. Almost on every match is the same situation, people that they cannot communicate, they dont give spots and they flame. I find it very interesting because, the coding team of faceit had never thought about a second parameter except of FBI to analyze and to put the toxic bad players with the persons that are similar to them. I cannot pay a subscription on faceit and every game to be so bad, your system is broken. I play more than 3 years and if I am not with 5 people premade I can never win, because of the logical failure that the coders have done. Its driving me crazy, you can check on every last match that I lost, that no1, but NO ONE was playing good and they are all boosted or paid accounts.


Hi @ppurkagia,

I am really sorry to hear about your bad experience with FACEIT platform. If I have looked at the correct account it seems you have won 9 out of your last 20 matches which is not the best, but also far away from the worst. Losing is never fun, but it is a part of gaming experience. Your overall win rate is 51% which is not bad.

What you are asking for is shadow banning and it is currently not implemented on FACEIT and I am not aware of any plans to implement such system. Nonetheless, FACEIT is always looking for possibilities to improve its systems in order to provide the best possible gaming experience.

If you do happen to play with a player that is toxic, please do not forget to use the reporting system after the match and I do recommend to use keywords in the text field. This makes the entire reporting process more efficient and you can read about this here:

Please encourage other players to do the same after the game is finished.

If you have any proof that someone is abusing the system by e.g. boosting or selling/buying accounts, please send a customer support ticket and they will look into it. You can do it here:

Last but not least, try to be the positive part of the team even when things do not go as planned. Sometimes being supportive to your teammates is what wins the games. I really hope your future experience on the platform is better, good luck!

In the past two weeks, there have been a lot of Smurf party boost in Southeast Asia. This is a very bad experience for solo players. Unfortunately, I have smurf or Smurf boost party almost every game in the past week or so. Although the opposite The player’s ELO seems to be similar to our team. Actually it is not. I have a 3.8K match on faceit, recently from lv10drop to lv8. This is not my technical reduction or how, there are a lot of Smurf in every game.

Hi @JingLei,

Those kind of abuse need to be reported to the customer support team:

If Faceit system checks for multiple acc than what is the problem? There is no sense of calling this abuse.
You cant just recommend support ticket or report system to solve this. We all know this is spam fest like steam report.

You can check my game data for the last two weeks, and each game contains a lot of Smurf.
Reported is almost ineffective, because when the probability of encountering this situation reaches 100%, you can’t say that this is bad luck at a certain time, but the cost of Smurf is reduced after CSGO is free.
Although faceit is now very penalized for dodge behavior, but when the player may only be due to network failure or how, it will face a long time of freezing, and this punishment is very low for Smurf people. An account player is a very bad experience. For the current faceit situation: When each game contains a lot of Smurf or Smurf boost party, maybe this is a signal that faceit encourages player Smurf?:confounded:

Why you cry about smurfs. Just chill and pay attention to elo. Stop blame others.

@JingLei I am only a volunteer and therefore I cannot take any actions against abusing players, this is why I recommend contacting FACEIT Customer Support.

@MARKODY If a player faces people who are abusing the system in order to play against opponents of lower skill level, then I think it is within their right to be upset about it.

Yes you can be upset but its not abuse. If player dont have multiple acc and Faceit allow you to play with any lvl together than what’s the reason to be mad?!

I’m talking about the situation which is an abuse and involves having more than one FACEIT account.

I understand you. Your wrong.
Now we gonna ban players who “Smurf”. If there is a skilled and better players than me, Iam gonna cry about that. Genius.
Take this as a man and challenge yourself.

Having more than one FACEIT account equals breaking the platform rules by itself. In addition to that, if such account is in the wrong skill level, it may contribute to unbalanced games.

Whether you think people should challenge themselves is irrelevant. Any form of system abuse should be reported appropriately.